Napa Cakes Panforte

Made in the Napa Valley

Panforte, the original power bar, dates back to the Roman times in Italy's Tuscany Region. History claims it was used by the crusaders as a durable confection for energy during their marches and was useful as compact food to help them survive sieges.

This is a healthy Napa Valley version using premium dried fruits and nuts from California. We combine almonds, hazelnuts, dried raisins, B&R Farms Blenheim apricots and tart cherries with a bit of oat and almond flours, Salute Santé grapeseed flour and oil, honey, cocoa, cane sugar, and spices, then bake them slowly into moist, flavorful delectable cakes.

Our panforte goes well with red wine, sweet wine, coffee, tea, as a breakfast snack, bedtime snack, afternoon snack or dessert after dinner.

It has been known to be addictive.